Friday, August 21, 2009

Quote Series Part 3 - Stories

This is part three of the series, to see what this series is about, click here.

Quotes on "Stories"
Devalue the dollar - story points should be small, 1 pt - ObjectMentor coach
Stories add functionality, not technical layers. - ObjectMentor coach
If all stories are less than 5 days, we might not need a task breakdown. - ObjectMentor coach
All stories should be small enough to be delivered in less than a week. - ObjectMentor coach

Note: where I can, I've credited or linked the source of the quote. Finding the source of a quote is like chasing a ghost. When a mentor says something witty, you might not know they are quoting someone else. If you are aware of a more appropriate source for any quote, PLEASE put a comment on the post and I'll do what I can to validate this. I mean no disrespect to anyone. I believe the risk of incorrect citings is outweighed by the value of sharing these wonderful nuggets.

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