Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quote Series Part 2 - Estimates and DONE

This is part two of the series, to see what this series is about, review part 1.

Quotes on "DONE"
One of the goals of the sprint is to measure what you have done - ObjectMentor coach
Burn-up should happen every day to stop scrunch stress (all things shouldn't finish on the last day) - ObjectMentor coach
If we’re not shipping our software when it’s ready, it’s poor business practice. If we’re not sure whether our software is ready, it’s poor software practice. - Ron Jeffries
Make Ship Happen - Todd Little
Quotes on "Estimates"
Ability to estimate correctly is not an ‘ability’ … it is a fluke and lucky guess - Roy Morien
Estimates only help us take action to get to the next step - unknown

Note: where I can, I've credited or linked the source of the quote. Finding the source of a quote is like chasing a ghost. When a mentor says something witty, you might not know they are quoting someone else. If you are aware of a more appropriate source for any quote, PLEASE put a comment on the post and I'll do what I can to validate this. I mean no disrespect to anyone. I believe the risk of incorrect citings is outweighed by the value of sharing these wonderful nuggets.

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