Thursday, November 27, 2008

Agile Turkey Day...

Last year my wife decided to be ambitious and host Thanksgiving for her family at our condo. I thought this was a bad idea based on our small place and having two new kids to deal with, but I accepted responsibility to clean the condo from top to bottom so she could focus in the kitchen.

Preparation went pretty well, she even made many dishes in advance. But the one dish you have to cook on the day of the event is the turkey itself. (Well, you don't have to, but part of thanksgiving is stinking up the house with the bird.)

Unfortunately this was the day the oven thermostat broke, meaning it couldn't hold a steady temperature. We didn't realize it until the turkey should have been done and the thermometer said it was still a few hundred degrees off.

It quickly turned into a scrum process:
  1. Check the bird's temp
  2. Estimate a new time for when it will be done
  3. Wait the the oven to work its magic
  4. Repeat
Every time we did this, our estimate became more accurate, but the oven became worse at holding the temperature (and our constant opening and closing of the door didn't help).

Several hours late, we finally took delivery of the bird and ate our meal.

Customer feedback: That was the moistest turkey ever. Tasted awesome. Was ALMOST worth the wait.

Hope your and our Thanksgiving are going better this year. Happy Gobble Day!

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