Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Last Mile... and Coaching....

Matt Grommes has been blogging for a while on the Agile Software Development blog about his experiences in a project transitioning to agile over the last year.

His most recent post covers the topics of how agile is harder as a long project enters its final days and that the agile rules were easily broken and ignored in an effort to finish. He asks for good sources of aid regarding this more turbulent time.

I left my two cents:
I agree that the end of a project can be more difficult. The team is best aided by shorter iterations and smaller stories. As you work on those outstanding things such as performance or questionable bugs, it is beneficial to shorten the feedback loop and keep re-measuring your progress to goal (and providing more opportunities for the customer to change their mind).
Also, he entertains a tangent about the appropriate level of coaching. It's always easy in hindsight to know you didn't have enough, but I also left my thoughts regarding this topic:
As for coaching, the best experience I had was when the coach(s) worked with the team for about 2 months straight, and then they came for one week halftime every other week or so after that. It was just enough to keep nudging us back on track and to infuse new things to mature towards.

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  1. Hi Kevin! Thanks for reading and commenting on the post. I definitely like the idea of shorter iterations and we're going that way with our next projects. On our next big project we're trying to figure out our coaching strategy and having somebody come back part-time every X weeks is very appealing.