Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Joke of the day (not)...

Disclaimer: if you follow the Agile Software Development Blog, then there is nothing new to read in this post. Move along, nothing to see here. If you don't, then read on. (Sometimes my blog posts are to help me find something later.)

I encourage anyone to read the following article and try to convince me that it is a joke. It claims that the #1 best way to get a project back on schedule is to work overtime. Amongst the list of 10 includes "crashing the schedule" and "prevent all scope change". I've read it 3 times across 3 months now and I still think this guy was intending to provide serious advice.

Peter Stevens is also clearly convinced that it is not a joke and made his own list of 10 things to do to get an project back on track using agile patterns. (I'm right there with you Peter!)

But the interesting data point to take away is Jeff Sutherland's mention of the Maxwell curve. It is showing that working less equals more. It implies that once you go agile, you work more intensely, and overtime as an option is out the window.

How's that for work/life balance?

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