Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ScrumAnd, not ScrumButt...

Repost: Ola discusses the difference in climate, attitude, and outcome when we switch a conversation from "Yes, but..." to "Yes, and..." Not only is this an interesting coaching/team culture thought, but it ties in well with the ideas around Scrum, Agile, and the different disciplines (and how they can be combined).

I believe ScrumAnd already exists. Under a different name though. It’s called eXtreme Programming. It’s Scrum and programming practices. Now you might say. ‘Well, Scrum deliberately says nothing about programming practices. You can use Scrum to plan and execute anything’.

Yes, that’s true and that’s the problem. People are now cranking out crappy code at least twice as fast as they used too.

Read the full post "What About ScrumAnd" here.

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