Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Before agile came along, life was easier for me...

The problem with Agile is that it helps us realize early that there might be problems. Granted, this gives us time to solve the problems and get the project on track, and it allows us to have a higher success rate.

But I miss the good old days where we happily worked for months until the death march started. It allowed us to stay blissfully happy and then blame management for the last 3 weeks when things went wrong. Some of us would get good at finding long projects where we could work for months on lines of code and then bail on the work and jump to another job or company right before it went into the crapper. Becoming an expert in our skillset was simply about perfecting our selection of projects and timing them well.

Now we actually have to be on top of our game every day! That's a little bit more challenging than I expected. I went and got this computer science degree so that I could sit in a cube and write code and get paid lots of money for it. What's going on here?

Yeah... unless this is the first time you've read my blog, you know how I truly feel!

Read the Cutter Consortium's version of this viewpoint.

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