Friday, February 13, 2009

Individual Scrum...

I've been hearing about Pomodoro for awhile now. I can't say that before today I really got it. I've always felt I've had good time management skills and can tell when I need to adjust work habits to be more productive.

But that doesn't mean I'm as good as I can be...

Today I read a draft of the Pomodoro Book. I'm realizing that it is like TDD or Pair Programming in the sense that you can read what you want about it and form an opinion, but until you try it... you won't really get it. And by try it, I mean for a few cycles (most people don't get TDD or Pairing for at least a month or more of commitment).

The simplest way for me to describe the technique is that it applies techniques familiar in scrum to the individual through the day. Each day is a sprint, and each Pomodoro is the space between standups. That's not really accurate, but you'll see what I mean if you read it.

Kudo's to Staffan for working on this. I was surprised by the information held within. It not only focused on the technique, but it also covers a lot of good information about how we recall memory, keep focus, and how our brain processes information.

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