Thursday, November 13, 2008

Agile Adoption Patterns...

Mike asks "Do you start with agile project structure or agile culture?"

My words on the topic:
Some companies already have an agile culture, many don't. I don't think you can create it out of thin air. If you are lucky to already have it, then jump into agile with both feet. Otherwise...

I like to use retrospectives first to build trust. Build trust by having the team raise issues and showing that the leaders will solve them. Then I like to apply stand-ups... show peer accountability and allow people to admit mistakes. These two things will catch the attention of upper management with happier, more productive teams.

This is the point where I jump to the agile process and structure. Sell your concepts, get buy-in, and start solving problems from the top down. Apply patterns to issues and gain credibility. People will start taking on this agile culture as they see it working.
His follow-up:
I think it boils down to this... you have to have culture, structure, and the necessary support from leadership to align business processes (HR, accounting, contract management, etc.) with development.
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