Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Puppy vs. Pitbull...

The puppy approach: Every time this person comes to you and asks for something... they stick their head through the door slowly and kindly ask for permission to enter. They give you puppy dog eyes and you know they need something. But they are always so stinking nice that you invite them in to talk. They carefully explain what they need, and they work with you to mold their needs to something you can provide. When you help them out, they tell everyone about it including you. You get credit. It's almost like every time they enter the room, you just want to hand them a treat because they make you feel good when they wag their tail and shower you with appreciation.

The pitbull approach: You walk quietly by their desk hoping they don't notice. They remind you of your walks home from school many years ago when that dog ran towards the fence barking at you. You always wondered if the chain on their neck was long enough for them to hop the fence and take a chunk out of your arm. You feel fear and you always brace for the worst. This co-worker charges into your office, even when you are very busy. You can be fixing the fire that will keep the company out of trouble, but this person's stuff is always more important than everyone else's. You've tried dropping your work to help this person thinking it would make them appreciate you more, but it only led to them coming around more. They never give you credit for your work; they only complain about what you don't do for them. At the end of the day, you can only do your best to avoid them or figure out how to make them go away.

These are extremes, but which are you known more as?

Unfortunately there is a small percentage of people that are proud to be pitbulls. After all, they get quicker results. They get what they need from someone. Who cares how much damage is done if they get the desired result?

What do I have to say to pitbulls? I hope you enjoy getting just enough to fulfill your needs. The puppies around you get a lot more than they expect or ask for. You see, most people like puppies and will do stuff just to see the puppy happy. So, as a pitbull, you get exactly what you want... nothing more. The puppies are getting all the love.

Don't feel so special now, do you? By the way pitbull... over time, people learn how long your chain is and figure out how to stay out of your reach. You will actually lose your ability to get what you want over time. Good luck with that!

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  1. This metaphor is so funny, and more funny is that the results and conclusions are so real and true