Sunday, July 20, 2008

Must Agile PM's be technical?

So... I ran across a post that implied to some level that Agile projects need a technically inclined person to be running them. simplicity12345678 even pointed to a recent experience where the PM was the issue.

I struggle with this a little bit. I understand the added value that my technical education and experiences provide me while working on software projects, but to imply it is a requirement?

Now, I don't know how strongly this post meant to convey this opinion. There's a wide scale between advantageous, desired, and required.

Some of the best project managers I've ever worked with jumped into a failing project and saved it in a short time without understanding the domain or the technology. They simply relied on the people on the team to provide the right information and worked on the real project issues which typically revolve around people, politics, or culture issues.

Maybe I don't have an answer or opinion on this, I'm just pushing back if the belief is that a agile project manager MUST be technically-savvy.

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