Thursday, January 21, 2010

Agile books to read...

A post was put up in the Agile Alliance requesting books to read to learn about agile. This was a pretty wide scope, and it resulted in a pretty broad list that continues to grow:
Authors and topics-
  • Kent Beck (XP, patterns)
  • Mike Beedle (Agile, scrum)
  • Arie van Bennekum (Agile, DSDM)
  • Alistair Cockburn (use cases, crystal, etc.)
  • Mike Cohn (agile, scrum, planning poker, etc.)
  • Ward Cunningham (XP, patterns)
  • Martin Fowler (enterprise design patterns, refactoring, uml, xp, etc.)
  • James Grenning (planning poker, etc.)
  • Jim Highsmith (time-boxing, agile development)
  • Andrew Hunt (pragmatic, incremental development)
  • Ron Jeffries (XP, etc)
  • Jon Kern (agile development and PM)
  • Craig Larman (Craig's been writing about IID/Agile for a long time)
  • Brian Marick (I think agile testing - but I'm not familiar with his work)
  • Robert C. Martin (Agile Principles, Practices and Patterns, etc.)
  • Steve Mellor (not familiar)
  • Mary Poppendieck (lean)
  • Ken Schwaber (co-founder of scrum, buy all of his books)
  • Alan Shalloway (design patterns, agile, lean+scrum, etc)
  • Jeff Sutherland (co-founder of scrum)
  • Dave Thomas (agile OOA/D)

Credit for this list goes to everyone that helped build it on the forum.

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  1. Great list! The only author I'd add is David Anderson and his Agile Management(ToC) book.