Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm happy with the Toyota that doesn't work!

I have to expand on yesterday's post. The LinkedIn discussion has had a few more comments added to it and there are some valid viewpoints. But, because of the discussion, I found myself coming up with this metaphor to further answer the original question-
I ask Toyota to build me a cool new car.

They deliver to me a shiny new one-of-a-kind car. I love it. I check it over and every part is there and connected properly... looks great!

... it doesn't start.

If they forgot to put gas into it... that's just bad account management.

If they never started it themselves to prove it worked before delivery, the questions are-
Is the story DONE?
Do I give them credit for their work and pay the bill?
Do I create a new story to "fix" the problem (additional cost)?

Fundamentally, do I get value out of the work they delivered?

I think the metaphor leads to obvious answers, so now I'll play devil's advocate. The car I ordered is going in the showroom of my dealership. It will never get driven anywhere. It's a halo prototype to get people to come to my dealership. In this light... it is DONE. Why pay (in time or money) for the "fix"?

This counter-point is that you can't answer the question unless you understand the value trying to be achieved.

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