Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Customer Feedback...

This may not seem like an agile post, but it is... I'll tell you why at the end.
  • To all commercial businesses... stop playing holiday music before Thanksgiving (as early as Halloween). Surprisingly, I'm already sick of hearing it. I almost walked out of my grocery store last night because of it. If your goal is to remind me of the holidays to I spend more... you have passed my threshold of repetitive torture. (At least find something different than everyone else).
  • To all retails stores with Black Friday doorbuster deals... people shouldn't die trying to get into the store to get a deal. Not only is this sickening, but it can be prevented. Use the Best Buy ticket model.
  • Lastly, this whole situation with flight charges is starting to get out of hand. Fuel costs rise, so we get charged more for a seat. Then more for extra luggage. Now overweight people are being discriminated against. Please stop. Can't we just charge everyone by total weight? Put me and my luggage on a scale and charge accordingly. We are paying to move freight. Though I am human, I am a fuel cost just like my luggage and therefore I am freight. I could have 200 lbs of make-up and shampoo in my luggage which is no different than weighing 300 lbs in a seat. Kill the complaints and discrimination issues by charging us all the same way... by weight. (Note: this happened to me on a small plane flight in Costa Rica many years ago, so it is not a new idea.)
What's this have to do with agile? Agile includes customer involvement and transparent feedback. If someone reads this and changes something in their store or airline... then that is agile in action.

Cue groans... now.

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